I kept a poetic diary of 2020 that grew to 300 plus pages long. Then I distilled it down to about 120 pages. Then I reduced it further until it contained exactly 2020 words.

Use the next and previous links at the bottom of the poem to scroll through the separate parts.

porch chimes allegro raging winds
as fire chars the outback
foresight hindsight insight in sight
threshold always behind looking ahead
time we make making time
shaped somewhat like a crown
down every possible rabbit hole
comet a mute comment on
ask if black lives matter
arctic smoke of ghost fires
cutting everything beautiful from lines
eyes moist above her mask
the task between words abyss
history broken stones of memory
staring into the hearth fire
future’s death buries the past
defending the indefensible as if
measuring our impossibility against theirs
inarticulate gossip of the dead
as if utopia were destination