about me

For over 50 years I have been writing poetry and stories. I have published a few in small magazines here and there but I have not pursued traditional publishing. Instead, recently, I have begun self-publishing using Lulu press. They produce quality books and distribute them to the main retailers. It is not like poetry was going to sell a anyway. (Though there is something to be said for having editors.) I would though like to get more readers. This web site is part of that attempt.

In addition to the poetry and occasional story, I have also published two textbooks on databases. An intdoduction to databases through Pearson publishing and a book on SQL using PostgreSQL with Franklin Beedle. These books did go through the traditional publishing and editing process, a process which can take at least a year.

I have a blog related to Tech subjects https://congerprep.blogspot.com/

I also have You Tube videos on tech subjects

I have a literary blog https://spconger.blogspot.com/ which I have not been good at maintaining. Perhaps I will start adding new materials soon.

Contact Information

You can email me at steve@spconger.com

Site Information

I create the site in Visual Studio Code, using Bootstrap as my primary CSS.

Currently it is all flat files, as I didn't want to script it in php. I may add some JavaScript functionality later.

My goal is to update the site weekly, with at least current news.