The writings poetic and technical of Steve Conger


One Nine Twelve Three

One Nine Twelve Three is a long poem in four parts that explores the intertidal regions between poetry and philosophy. Includes an introduction, notes and an annotated bibliography.

52 Sonnets

Fifty two sonnets. One a week for a year. A verse journal of the disastrous 2016.


Translation of ancient Greek poetry including selections from Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, Korinna, Sappho, Solon and Kallimachos among others


In 2017 I wrote a poem a day. The date of each poem is inscribed in its structure. From the 365 poems I have selected slightly less than half.

Information Technology

Hands on Databases 1st Ed

First Edition of the textbook Hands on Database.

Hands on Databases 2nd Ed

Second Edition of the textbook Hands on Database.


New literary Works

I have a book, Autumn Pantomimes, almost ready for print. It will contain three books: Autumn Pantomimes which explores the mystic of Autumn, Standing Water, sonnets written in Winter, and Timelines, a stream of social media conciousness.

New Translations

I am still considering a variety of projects including perhaps translation of of the Homeric Hymns.

New Tech works

I have signed a contract to write a book on SQL using PostgreSQL which should be out sometime this year, 2019.

Literary Blogs


This blog contains my literary, philosophical and occassionally political reflections.


The tumblr blog has many of my classical interests and translations from the Greek, often in a fairly raw form.