ITC 172 Syllabus

Course Title and Number

ITC 172 .Net Programming




TTH 9:40 AM until 12:50 PM


ITC 110 with a minimum of 2.0 or permission.

Course Description

This course uses C# and ASP.Net to illustrate the creation of data driven web sites. It will be hands-on and project driven


Students with documented disabilities requesting class accommodations, requiring special arrangements in case of building evacuation, or have emergency medical information the instructor should know about are asked to contact the disability support services office (DSS) in Rm. 1112. Once the disability is verified with DSS you will be given a letter of accommodation that should be to handed to your instructor.


Steve Conger

Office Location


Office Hours

by Appointment


Web Site

Educational Philosophy

The pre-Socratic Philosopher Heraklitos said, "it rests by changing." By this he meant that the normal state of things is constant change. This has never been more true than today. Though, the course focuses on particular software, it has a broader purpose: Software changes constantly. The most important skills to learn, are the techniques for learning new skills, new software, and learning how to generalize the skills you've learned in order to apply them to new situations. These are the skills that will keep you afloat in stream of constantly changing technology.

Student Outcomes and competencies

Methods of Instruction

There will be some lecture on concepts, but much of the class will be hands on. We will do examples together and then I will provide practice time. I encourage a cooperative classroom. You can compare strategies and whiteboard problems. Each student will turn in their own work, but it is not necessary or even preferable to work in isolation.


No book required

Assignments and Schedule

Assignments will be posted in canvas. Assignments are worth 10 points. Each assignment will have a rubric to help guide you. If you get less than a 10, you will be able to redo the assignment. There will also be a final project at the end of the quarter to put it all together. You can work on the project alone or in a group.

Topical Outline and Assignments Overview

Overview of database tasks
Basic ASP web controls
ADO Entities, connecting to a database
Database security and secure applications
Creating WPF services
Consumingwe WPF services

Grading and Attendance

Attendence is critical. We will be covering material and doing labs most every day. If you know ahead of time you will not be able to attend, let me know as soon as possible. Otherwise contact me as soon after the abscence as you can. Your final grade will be an average of all the scores for assignments and the project

Percentage Grade
100-90 4
89-80 3
79-70 2
69-60 1
Less than 60 0