IT 223 Syllabus

Course Title and Number

ITC 223 Database Administration




TTH 1:00 pm until 3:50 PM


Completion of ITC 222 with a minimum of 2.0 or permission.

Course Description

Provides practice with administrative activities, security and backup on a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), using Administrative SQL and other RDBMS tools offered by the Relational Database Management System. Prereq: Completion of ITC 222 with a minimum of 2.0 or permission.


Students with documented disabilities requesting class accommodations, requiring special arrangements in case of building evacuation, or have emergency medical information the instructor should know about are asked to contact the disability support services office (DSS) in Rm. 1112. Once the disability is verified with DSS you will be given a letter of accommodation that should be to handed to your instructor.



Steve Conger

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Office Hours

Summer office hours will be Wednesdays mornings from about 10 until 2 or by appointment.


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Educational Philosophy

The pre-Socratic Philosopher Heraklitos said, "it rests by changing." By this he meant that the normal state of things is constant change. This has never been more true than today. Though, the course focuses on particular software, it has a broader purpose: Software changes constantly. The most important skills to learn, are the techniques for learning new skills, new software, and learning how to generalize the skills you've learned in order to apply them to new situations. These are the skills that will keep you afloat in stream of constantly changing technology.

Student Outcomes and competencies

Methods of Instruction

There will be demonstrations of various aspects of SQL Server followed by practices. Students will do one group presentation on an assigned topic.There will be a midterm and a final.


SQL Server 2012 Step by Step Leblank, Microsoft, ISBN:978-0735663862 (recommended)

Grading and Attendance

I don't grade on attendance, but attendance is important. We cover new material every class period. Each assignment will be worth 10 points. The Midterm, final and presentation will be worth 25 points each.

Topical Outline

Installing and configuring databases
Managing and maintaining databases
Database Availability
Optimizing database performance

Assignments and Schedule

The assignments are posted on canvas, they follow the book. The book is not required but will be quite useful. There are three basic types of assignments: the daily exercises which are worth 10 points each, some of which will be done in groups, the Midterm and final which are worth 25 points each and a presentation which is also worth 25 points. The assignments account for 70% of the grade. The presentation 10% and the tests 20%. I will make the tests available as soon as they are ready. You will have until the end of the quarter to complete them, and three tries at each. Here is a break down of how percents convert to grades:

Percentage Grade
100-90 4
89-80 3
79-70 2
69-60 1
Less than 60 0