Curriculum Vitae

Steve Conger


C#, C++, VB.Net, HTML, XHTML, XML, Microsoft Office, Access, SQL, SQL Server 2000-2017, Visio, MySQL, ASP.Net, Windows, Linux, JavaScript, Python, ADO.Net, Java, Android.



Hands On Database An Introduction to Database Design and Development Pearson Press: 2011, A scenerio based database textbook

Hands On Database An Introduction to Database Design and Development 2nd Edition Pearson Press: 2013


One Nine Twelve Three Lulu Press 2016

Fifty Two Sonnets Lulu Press 2017

Etudes, Translation from Ancient Greek Lulu Press 2017

Outrages Lulu Press 2018


When I first started my English major at Gonzaga University, I was told that an English major can be used in many ways. I have indeed done many things. Among other things, I have worked as a surveyor, washed dishes, cleaned up construction sites and been a nurse's aide. For the last 20 plus years I have been teaching at Seattle Central Community College. I began as an English teacher but rapidly discovered I could get more work teaching computers. Also, it was more fun. Over the years I have moved from teaching applications such as Lotus 123, and Word Perfect, through Windows and Microsoft Office to teaching Database Design, Database Administration, Web Development and programming


NSIOD Excellence Award, 2005

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Curriculum Development

I wrote each of these courses originally, but all of been revised, sometimes extensively, by myself or other instructors. The MIC 160 no longer exists as even an item number.