Coffee and Books
When finally the big one hits
this window
will snap and slide

like sheet ice to the sidewalk
splintering images
of everything just seen.

The girl working the espresso machine,
hands burnt,
will shout what's happening.

My coffee will flood my notebook
blotting out
this page, these words.



New Design and Content Coming


I am going to totally redesign this site in the next few weeks to reflect my recent publications and provide more insight into my writing.

Design Updates 3


I have reworked the css so that the design is basically adaptive. It should display, more or less, on cell phones and Ipods now. I will be adding new content in the next couple of days.

Design Updates 2


The design is not quite adaptive. Testing that revealed some issues, so I will work on improving that aspect in the near future.

Design Updates


I have finally made some real progress on the web site though there is still a lot to do. Next I may update the misc page to add some real content. I also want to add a page for discussion posts.

New Design


I am in the midst of a major redisign of the web site. With the changes should be complete in the next few weeks.

New poetry


I have been writing a poem called annual. It consists of 12 parts. Each part corrisponds to a month. The main rule is that I must add at least a line every day. Sometimes I add one line, sometimes 20. I will posting these each month as they are completed

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